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Previous schools

Sixth France–Kosovo school

May 12th–16th 2017

  • Alexandre Bordas (École normale supérieure de Lyon): Fourier series, convolution product and an application to random walks on Zd
  • Kevin François (IMT, Université de Toulouse 3): Introduction to algebraic topology and covering spaces
  • Idriss Mazari (Université Pierre et Marie Curie): An introduction to optimization
    and to the calculus of variations

Fifth France–Kosovo school

March 10th–13th 2017

  • Oriane Blondel (CNRS and Université Lyon 1): Measure theory
  • Matthieu Dussaule (Université de Nantes): An introduction to geometric group theory
  • Pierre Perruchaud (Rennes): Introduction to Ergodic Theory. A first step towards chaos

Fourth session, December 2th–5th–, 2016

  • Theory of Markov chains or Google’s PageRank algorithm by Ivan Bardet (ICJ, Lyon)
  • Some numerical methods for ODE or how to simulate physical and biological systems by Charles-Edouard Bréhier (ICJ Lyon)
  • Fourier analysis and applications or how to cultivate any branch of mathematical physics by Saïd Jabrane (Lyon)





Third session, July 11th–14th, 2016

  • Introduction to asymptotic statistics, or where Gauss is (almost surely) everywhere by Émilie Devijver (KU Leuven Belgium)
  • Introduction to algebraic topology or why a cup of tea and a donught are similar by Rémi Molinier (Kansas State University)
  • Introduction to Partial Differential Equations or how to get forecasts sometimes extremely precise by Saïd Jabrane (Lyon)





First session, December 18th–21th, 2015

Introduction to graph theory by:

  • Alexandre Bordas (ENS Lyon)
  • Émilie Devijver (KU Leuven Belgium)
  • Rémi Molinier (Kansas State University)