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Short presentation of the lecturers of different sessions


  Clément Alleaume

is a PhD student at the Université Lyon 1. He is working on the applications of Rewriting theory to Representation theory. He is interested in the presentations of monoidal categories occurring in representation theory by rewriting systems and the properties of such rewriting systems. Such an approach aims to solve basis problems for algebras or to find categorical actions.


  Ivan Bardet

is a teaching assistant at ISFA school in Lyon. He defended his PhD in June 2016. He focuses his research on open quantum system and their approach to equilibrium and the possible applications to quantum information theory.


Alexandre Bordas

is a PhD student at École normale supérieure de Lyon. He is mainly interested in probability and PDEs. More precisely, he works on stochastic homogenization of parabolic partial derivative equation, as for example the heat equation in a random media. His aim is to prove that a heterogeneous material with random thermal conductivity at microscopic scale behaves like a homogeneous deterministic material at large scale, and to give a precise meaning to this sentence.


  Charles-Édouard Bréhier

is a CNRS Junior Researcher, working at University Lyon 1. He studies numerical schemes for Stochastic Partial Differential Equations and Monte-Carlo methods for the simulation of rare events; and more generally problems at the interface between numerical analysis and probability theory.


  Émilie Devijver

has a postdoc position at KU Leuven, Belgium. She obtained her PhD in 2015 at Université d’Orsay. Her research is in statistical learning.
She likes to warp functional data, and see networks behind genes data!


  Matthieu Dussaule

is currently a student of the ENS de Lyon, but he has already started a PhD thesis at the university of Nantes. He studies random walks on (hyperbolic) groups. He is mainly trying to understand how the geometry of a space affects the asymptotic behaviour of a random walk on it. Besides, he is mostly interested in dynamical systems and geometry.


Kevin François Kévin François

is a PhD student at the university of Toulouse (France). He is mainly interested in algebraic geometry and topology. More precisely, he works on the theory of motives, which deals with understanding general properties of some geometrical objects, from a categorical and axiomatic point of view.


  Idriss Mazari

is a Phd student (Université Paris 6) and former student of ENS de Lyon. He is mainly interested in partial differential equations arising in spatial ecology and shape optimization. Namely, he is currently trying to understand the way a distribution of natural resources in a habitat can have an influence on the size of the population.


  Petru Mironescu

is Professor of Mathematics at the Université Lyon 1. His research domain is Analysis (function theory, partial differential equations, functional analysis).


  Rémi Molinier

is visiting assistant professor at Kansas State University. He got his PhD in 2015 at Université Paris 13. His research is in algebraic topology; more precisely, he is studying the deep link between group theory and homotopy theory. He is also interested in popular sciences and was involved in a lot of different activities organized by Science Ouverte and Animath. For example he was involved in the Animath club in Pristina. He also give a conference in front to a very broad audience at the Atlanta Science Festival 2016.


  Pierre Perruchaud

is a PhD student at the University of Rennes 1. He has a probabilistic and geometrical background, on which he bases his study of random trajectories in curved spaces; one may imagine a drunk person on the surface of a sphere. This field raises questions such as “Will the drunk person find his home, and —if so—when?” or “Can the person get lost even if she or he is almost sober?”